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APIs in action

This project is about two APIs. Using them, and having them work together. We're using the MediaWiki API, and and the CiviCRM API.


We're using the MediaWiki API for a couple different purposes. Most obviously we're using the API, which is available in every MediaWiki installation, to query that installation's exact setup, statistics and extensions. Secondly, this page is using the MediaWiki API to re-use content. Or, put another way, we wrote content in a wiki backend, and we're using that content on a different 'frontend' website. We're showing an example of using MediaWiki as a back-end content editing platform, while the Wiki Report project publishes that content with 5 simple lines of code on a completely different website. Through the API, you could re-use any MediaWiki content on any other project or platform. So, if you have a wiki, and you have content there that you think should be somewhere else: don't copy it! Re-use it via API!


The free Wiki Report generates a lot of data about wikis across the Internet. We collect and/or report on this data by storing it in a CiviCRM database. CiviCRM is a fantastic freely-licensed Constituent Relationship Management system.


We're using Bootstrap for building a nice HTML5, responsive and mobile-first website.


For details, see Wiki report/development