Code 128 Barcode Prep Tool

Code 128 barcodes are used extensively in packaging, shipping, and all kinds of industries. This tool will generate the Code 128 barcode encoding (in green below). You can download these codes, incorporated back into your original data. It displays "zebra" barcodes for reference and validation purposes. The point of this tool is to generate the encoded value which is the neccessary precursor for generating the "zebra".

The tool handles subtypes 128A, 128B and 128C automatically. This means that you can encode any alphanumeric (or numeric) string value. See the 128C (numeric) example below.

Using this tool, you can prepare a CSV file for import into Adobe InDesign (with the HP SmartStream plugin) for designing print media with barcodes.

The data that you wish to encode MUST be in the first column of your input.

The first 10 records will be displayed so that you can test and validate the results.

Privacy: This tool uses no server-side processing or cookies and does not store any of your data! It is all done in the browser using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Check the code for yourself in our GitHub repo


  1. Note that you should prepare your data in a spreadsheet, and then use Save As to export your spreadsheet to the CSV format. This tool does not accept Microsoft Excel files, or any other format besides CSV.
  2. Click the 'Choose File' button, and select your input data file.
  3. After your data is uploaded, a Create download button will appear.
  4. Click the Create download button, which will in turn reveal a download link. (This may take several seconds if you have a large file.)
  5. Click the download link and finally save the new CSV file. This file will have all your original data, plus an added column of Code 128 data.

sample barcode application


Input : 6139409309059052
Barcode format : Code128Auto
Check Digit : N.A.
The corresponding 128 Code :
Barcode :

Want to try it? Use this sample file. Need something more? Contact Us.